Bosch 11264evs manual

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10 character code quite often starting with a ‘0’ enter this number in the part number box. This bosch 11264evs manual then display your exact model variation, voltage etc.

I have a bosch 11264EVS hammer drill that just stopped working. I checked the brushes and have continuity to the rotor. Did you have continuity from one brush to the other? Some Bosch tools use « pop off » type of brushes.

When they get worn down a spring loaded center pops out and keeps you from damaging the armature. If they are fine check cord continuity. If the cord is fine it is most likely the switch. You can test the field for continuity also but those rarely ever fail. My friend is a part time mechanic he gets his solutions from www. Bosch PBK 240 re DRILL not working after drilling into concrete.