Craftsman 8 ft workbench instructions

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Certains programmes et options ne sont pas disponibles sur certains modèles. Version imprimée Beaucoup de gens préfèrent de lire les documents dans la version imprimée et non pas sur l’écran. Si vous voulez parcourir rapidement le contenu des pages suivantes de l’instruction, craftsman 8 ft workbench instructions pouvez en profiter.

Failure toobeytheserulescouldresultinlossofcontrol of unit,severe personal injuryordeathtoyou,or bystanders, ordamage toproperty orequipment. This mowing deck is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwin og_bjb’ects. The triangle _, in text signifies important cautions or warnings which must be followed. 6 percent over accidents, which can result in severe injury or death. Operation on all slopes requires extra caution.

If the fuel tank must be drained, it should be drained outdoors. Extinguish all cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and other 15. Maintain or replace safety and instruction labels as sources of ignition. OPERATION DECALS All DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION and instructional This unit has been designed and manufactured to pro- messages on your rider and mower should be carefully vide you with the safety and reliability you would expect read and obeyed.

Personal bodily injury can result when from an industry leader in outdoor power equipment these instructions are not followed. 1 – 1998 Safety Standards _ II ID Tag When contacting the service center for replacement parts, service, or information you MUST have these numbers. The identification tag is located on the underside of the seat. Tilt the seat forward to access the ID tag. Controls CONTROL FUNCTIONS The information below briefly describes the function of individual controls.

To turn the mower on, pull the the mower deck. Push the switch DOWN to turn the mower off. Note that the operator must be seated firmly in the rider seat for the PTO to function. Check that the crankcase oil is filled to full mark on dipstick.