Mitsubishi wd-73838 service manual

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We have a delay when changing mitsubishi wd-73838 service manual Why ? That delay is from your cable service, if you are in area that is in a switch digital location that is why your are getting the delay, the cable company may need to come install an amp to fix this problem. Comcast and some of the other giants are still operating in switch digital but upgrading every day. Your problem is most likely a defective color wheel.

This part is an internal component of the optical engine. The V43 chassis has had an excessive amount of issues with the color wheel failure. Will not power up and the lamp light is flashing. Recheck the projection lamp installment again,make sure all the connections inputs are tightly and correctly connected. When u closing the proctive tv projection lamp door,make sure u don’t hit the blue reset switch button and close the door properly and make sure screws it in to fit correctly and tightly.