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Retourne une chaîne contenant la représentation JSON de la valeur value. Peut être de n’importe quel type, mr orange user manual une ressource.

Toutes les chaînes doivent être encodées UTF-8. Ajout de la constante JSON_PRESERVE_ZERO_FRACTION pour le paramètre option. Les options JSON_PRETTY_PRINT, JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES et JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE ont été ajoutées. Le paramètre options a été ajouté. Bien que certains décodeurs acceptent ces valeurs comme JSON valide, d’autres ne les acceptent pas, sachant que la spécification est ambiguë sur ce point. Are you sure you want to use JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK, really really sure? So be careful when using JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK, it may mess up with your data!

Unsetting an element will also remove the keys. 6 or lower, a native json_encode function. It can handle newlines and quotes in both keys and data. Besides that, it outputs exactly the same string as json_encode. Including UTF-8 encoded 2-, 3- and 4-byte characters. JSON::encode, but still slow compared to php 5. It encodes any variable type exactly as the original.

NOTE: I assume the input will be valid UTF-8. I don’t know what happens if your data contains illegal Unicode sequences. I tried to make the code fast and compact. If your on a version of PHP before 5. This is intended to be a simple readable json encode function for PHP 5.

Although this is not documented on the version log here, non-UTF8 handling behaviour has changed in 5. 5, in a way that can make debugging difficult. 8, it is often necessary to convert all the string values inside an array to utf8. SimpleXML object was ignoring the CDATA. You need to convert the SimpleXML object back into an XML string, then re-import it back into SimpleXML using the LIBXML_NOCDATA option. Note that if you try to encode an array containing non-utf values, you’ll get null values in the resulting JSON string. Do not pass associative arrays if the order is important to you.