Trane rtac service manual

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Second Screen, Trane rtac service manual or No Application. Third Screen, First screen of the Application, the Chiller Tab. Second Screen, Application or No Application.

Third Screen, First screen of the Application, the Chiller Tab. The model numbers for the unit and the starter are composed of numbers and letters that represent features of the equipment. Shown in the following table is a sample of typical unit model number and the coding system for each. Each position, or group of positions, in the model number is used to represent a feature. Model number digits are selected and assigned in accordance with the following definitions using the model number example shown above.

Install any optional sensors and make electrical connections at the CH530. Furnish and install flow switch to prove chilled water flow. Furnish and install pressure gauges in inlet and outlet piping of the evaporator. Furnish and install a drain valve to the bottom of the evaporator waterbox.

Supply and install a vent cock to the top of the evaporator waterbox. Furnish and install strainers ahead of all pumps and automatic modulating valves, and at inlet of evaporator. Install heat tape and insulate the chilled water lines and any other portions of the system, as required, to prevent sweating under normal operating conditions or freezing during low ambient temperature conditions. The plug ships in unit control panel.

Start unit under supervision of a qualified service technician. A compressor nameplate is located on each compressor. Store the outdoor unit in a secure area. If it is not, contact a qualified service organization and the appropriate Trane sales office. Close the discharge and liquid line isolation valves.